Septic Tank Rotting Civilisation Vinyl LP

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1. Septic Tank 2. Who? 3. Victimised 4. Social Media Whore 5. Divide and Conk Out 6. Treasurers of Disease 7. Fucked 8. Whitewash 9. Death Vase 10. You Want Some 11. Digging Your Own Grave 12. Danger Signs 13. Walking Asylum 14. Lost Humanity 15. Never Never Land 16. Self-Obsessed 17. Living Death 18. Rotten Empire
If ever there were a point in history that demanded angry, scathing, explosive music then this is it. With eerie but exhilarating echoes Reagan’s ‘80s and the bilious, hyper-aggressive hardcore punk scene that erupted in response, the world of 2018 is more than ready for the blistering return of Septic Tank. This band of weather-beaten underground veterans have existed since the early ‘90s, more as a whispered enigma than a full-time band, but the decisive moment of deafening reality has arrived with the unveiling of Rotting Civilisation, the first full-length Septic Tank record and the ugly, rampaging rebirth of the subversive hardcore spirit. Originally formed in 1994 as a low-key outlet for doom metal standard bearers Cathedral’s love for Discharge, Siege, Septic Death, G.I.S.M. and other pioneering hardcore luminaries, Septic Tank’s original line-up featured Cathedral vocalist Lee Dorrian, guitarist Gaz Jennings and drummer Barry Stern (ex-Trouble) alongside Repulsion’s Scott Carlson on bass. With Esteemed producer Jamie ‘Gomez’ Arellano replacing Barry Stern in the 2018 line up, Septic Tank are no longer a shadowy side-project that existed more in the minds of its participants than in the ears of the masses, Rotting Civilisation is the perfect soundtrack to the collapse of society