About Us

We started working with the bands back way back in August 1999 and we have over 20000 product lines in stock and all available online. We are a fast and reliable online retailer of music merchandise based in the United Kingdom. We buy clothing and merchandise directly from the bands and their suppliers to bring you a great selection of specialised music clothing, music and accessories from the 70’s right up to now.


We have a huge range of punk rock clothing including Trousers, Hoodies, T-shirts, Jackets and a great selection of Punk Rock accessories including Jewellery, Wallets, Punk Patches, Belts, Badges and Hair Dyes. We always aim to find hard to find music merchandise so check out our updates page.

Our range of items covers bands from Punk Rock to New Wave and Heavy Rock + loads more. Whether you want a Dickies album, a Clash t-shirt, or a Iron Maiden backpatch, this is the place.

We also offer a wide range of punk albums from UK and US bands. As well as offering releases by well-known bands like The Sex Pistols, The Dead Kennedy, Black Flag and The Ramones, we also offer more elusive titles by lesser known bands.

Feel free to call us if you need to enquire about the ordering of your items, we are here to help


The PunkRockShop team.