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Leftöver Crack remains one of the most intriguing collectives in the punk rock universe. Fueled by a chaotic mixture of unbridled creativity, self-medication, and an urgent sense of political purpose, this NYC 5-piece has continued to bring the world that “Crack Rock Steady Beat” ever since the demise of the legendary all-squat-all-stars Choking Victim. LöC has taken their critically serious message about the police state, religion, political corruption, and lower class suffering far and wide for 2 decades; proselytizing through often tongue in cheek lyrics and an intense, albeit wry delivery. Though the band has endured various member changes over the years, LöC has always thrived with a strong nucleus and notorious front person Stza at the helm. After touring the world over, 3 full length albums, a split LP, and dozens of singles, they decided it was due time to give fans a comprehensive look at the seedy underbelly of the infamous LöC. Leftover Leftover Crack: The E-Sides and F-Sides spans the band’s entire career. Fans will be captivated by rare versions of their favorite LöC songs, as well as unearthed b-sides and obscure rarities they’ve likely not heard before. Leftover Leftover Crack: The E-Sides and F-Sides is a critical piece to any LöC fan’s record collection. 

1. Intro (Rock the 40 Oz.)
2. Jesus Has a Place 4 Me
3. Nazi White Trash
4. S.T.I. (Stop The Insanity)
5. Muppet Namblin’
6. The Good, The Bad and the LOC
7. Crack City Rockers
8. Outro (Rock the 40 Oz.)
9. Super Tuesday
10. Intro (Crack Rock Steady 7)
11. Heroin or Suicide?
12. Nobody is Free
13. Drug Song
14. So Ya Wanna Be a Cop?
15. Look Who’s Talking Now!
16. Muppet Namblin’ (w/ Distillers)
17. Genocidal Tendencies
18. Baby-Punchers
19. … And Out Comes the N-Bomb
20. World War 4
21. Life Causes Cancer
22. Supermarket Song
23. Gay Rude Boys Unite (Instrumental ’99)
24. Reason for Existence
25. The Lie of Luck
26. Land Down Under
27. Banned in P.C.
28. Infested (The Lindane Conspiracy Part I)
29. Fuck World Trade
30. Apple Pie and Police State