Hardcore Hooligan - Vinyl LP (The Business)

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Now here's the chance again to get hold of this album. 18 Terrace Anthems that will bring back memories of fighting on the terraces, running riots and blowing bubbles. Of London town and britishness.  And last but not least the English  5-1 Victory over Germany. Also there unfortunately for the British is ”Southgate (Euro 96)”. Great song but a shittier moment (*that one is for the Germans) that turned into a loud mouthed piss-take song Gareth Southgate surely don't got on his top Spotify list!
Turn off that Euro-techno or whatever is the current background sounds to your football addiction! This is the real deal from Londons finest!


1. Hardcore Hooligan
2. Southgate (Euro 96) 
3. Terrace Lost It's Soul
4. Saturday's Heroes
5. Viva Bobby Moore
6. Maradona

7. England 5, Germany 1
8. Guinness Boys
9. Handball
10. 3 Lions
11. Boys Are Out Tonight
12. No One Like Us