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TRACKLISTING 1. Sick Velveteen 2. Artificial 3. Bordeaux Red 4. Chemical 5. Deconstruct 6. Diatribe 7. Feed The Whore 8. Heathens 9. Prime Evil 10. Rebellion Song 11. Sin City Blues 12. Slave 13. Big Bug 14. Suicidal Girl 15. Virus 16. Cry Wolf 17. Archaeology 18. 611
At long last the follow up to the critically acclaimed "XXIV� hits the racks and if anything it’s even better than its predecessor! The CD contains 18 brand new studio tracks from the Charlie / Jet / Alvin / Jamie line up that has served the UK Subs so well over the last seven years. Housed in a full colour Hard Back book style package complete with full colour artwork and lyrics to songs that are destined to become staples of the bands live set. Not a duff one amongst them – if only bands half Charlie’s age had half his passion they would surely be much better groups for it! Follow the (Yellow) Leader indeed!