13th Floor Elevators - Psychedelic Band, Formed in 1965 in Austin, Texas, United States

20 Dead Cammels - A mixture of 2 Tone to Third wave

999 - Punk Rock Band form in London, on Sunday 5th December 1976

4 Skins - Working class Oi! punk rock band from the East End of London

3 CR - Punk Rock Band from East Manchester

4 Past Midnight - Punk Rock Band from Glasgow

ABH - Punk Band formed in 1981 in Lowestoft, England

Action Directe - Industrial Punk from Leeds, England

The Adicts - Punk band from Ipswich, Suffolk, England

AFI - AFI News Headquarters, the #1 AFI news site with coverage you can trust

Agnostic Front - Hardcore Punk Rock band from New York, United States

Alternative TV - Punk / Post Punk from London England

Angelic Upstarts - Punk Rock/Oi! band formed in South Shields in 1977

The Anoraks - Punk Band from London and the South East

Anti-Nowhere League - Hardcore Punk Band form in Royal Tunbridge Wells in 1980

Antidote - Punk band from the Netherlands fromed in 1996

Anti-Flag - Punk Rock Band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, formed in 1988

Antiskeptic - Rock Band based in Melbourne, Australia.

Anti-State - Hardcore / Punk Band from Derry, Ireland

The Apostles - Experimental punk rock band who developed within the confines of the 1980s Anarcho Punk scene in the UK

Argies - Punk band formed in Rosario, Argentina

Argy Bargy - Alternative / Hardcore / Punk Band from Watford, England

Assert - Hardcore / Punk / Thrash from Darlo/Runcorn/Wolves/Telford, Midlands, England

Bad Manners - 2 Tone ska band formed in 1976 from London, England

Bad Religion - Punk Rock band that formed in Los Angeles in 1979

Bad Brains - Hardcore Punk band formed in Washington, D.C., in 1977

Barnyard Masturbator - Metal / Punk located Leicester/Manchester/Blackpool/Leeds, Midlands, England

Beerzone - Streetpunk Band Formed in 1997

Billyclub - Hardcore / Punk band from Bolton, Northwest, England

Bikini Kill - Punk Rock band formed in Olympia, Washington in 1990

Black Velvet magazine - A Quarterly independent rock magazine based in the UK started in 1994 and Published/edited by Shari Black Velvet.

- Bladder Bladder BladderBritish 77 style punk band in spirit of SEX PISTOLS, DAMNED, CLASH now based in Hollywood, California

Blink 182 - Pop Punk band formed in Poway, California, a suburb outside of San Diego, in 1992

Blood Or Whiskey- Irish punk/folk band from Leixlip, County Kildare, Ireland. The band was formed in September 1993

Blitz - Street punk/oi! band from New Mills, Derbyshire, England in 1980

Blissetts A Anarcho-punk, Oi and old skool rock

Black Flag - Facebook page

Bluekilla - Pure ska since 1985!

The Blood - London based punk rock band, formed in 1982

Bootleg Blondie - Europes Official Blondie tribute band

Boots & Braces - German Oi! Band

Boys - English punk rock band formed in London in 1976.

- Broken Bones - Hardcore punk band fromed in SToke On Trent 1983

Burdegun - Thrash Metal betal formed in Poland 2002

Bus Station Loonies - Cabaret punk band from Plymouth, England form in 1995

The Business - Oi!/Punk Rock Band formed in 1979 in Lewisham, South London, England

Buzzcocks - Punk Rock Band formed in Bolton in 1976

Ca$h 4 Chaos



Citizen Fish


The Clash

Cock Sparrer


Constant Fear

Circle Jerks

Constant State Of terror


Crashed Out


The Cramps

Cro Mags

The Cure - Gothic Rock / Post Punk / New Wave band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in 1976

The Damned


Dead Kennedys

The Defense

Det Set Against


Demented Are Go


Demonic Upchucks



Dirty Love




Distorted Future


Doc Savage

Drongos For Europe

Dropkick Murphys


Dysfunctional Youth



Emma Scott The Wench

English Dogs

The Fall - Post-Punk Band, formed in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, in 1976

The Fractions

Fed Up

Feud 4 Fought


The Forgotten

Four More Heroes

Frantic Flintones

Funeral Dress



Girls Ontop


Glen Matlock


The Gonads

Green Day

Guitar Gangsters




Inner Terrestrials

Iggy Pop - Iggys page with other links to Facebook etc

Instant Agony

Junkie Brush

The Kicks

Kismet H.C

Klasse Kriminale

The Krays

The Kronstadt Uprising

La Bambine Cattive


Los Violaders

Los Cherries



Macc Lads

Macc Lads official


The Machines

Mafis Vs Ninja

Major Accident

Man In Black

Marky Ramone

Mayhem Deranged




Mise En Scene

Minor Threat


Moped Lads

The Mothers

Murder Global


The Negatives

New York Dolls


Objection Overrule


The Offspring

One Man Stand

One Way System

Opposition Party

The Oppressed

Operation Ivy




The pain


Peter And The Test Tube Babies

Picture Frame Seduction

The Pixies

Pointy Boss

Pork Dukes

The Pukes

Public Image Limited

Punk Rock Mingle Dating

Punk 77


The Ramones


The Ruts

The Riffs

Rebel Truce

Rise Against - Punk Rock Band from Chicago, Illinois, United States, formed in summer 1999

The Regents- Information about the band and Youtube clips for 7-Teen

The Restarts



Runnin Riot

The Scurge

Sewers of The Strand

Sex Pistols Experience

Sex Pistols

Sham 69

Sick 56

Sigue Sigue Sputnik




Siouxsie And The Banshees - English Punk / Post Punk / Gothic / New Wave band formed in London in 1976

Some Dogs

Special Duties

Spizz Energi

Sonic youth


The Slits - Punk Rock Band. The quartet was formed in London, England in 1976

Stiff Little Fingers

The Stopouts

The Stranglers

Street Dogs

Suicidal Tendencies


The Suspended


Sublime - Ska Punk Band from Long Beach, California, United States formed in 1988

PunkRockMingle - A great place to Meet other single Punks and Goths with free membership

Sweet Zeros

Sympathy For Strawberry

Talking Heads - New Wave and avant-garde band formed in 1975 in New York City, United States

The Traditionals

Tiananmensquare Blog

Tower Blocks

The Toy Dolls

TV Smith


UK Decay - Was born out of the ashes of another Luton band called The Resiztors, who had formed in 1978.

UK Subs - Punk Rock band, among the earliest in the first wave of British punk. Formed in 1976.

- The UndertonesPunk rock/New Wave band formed in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1975.

U.S Chaos - American punk rock band from Paterson New Jersey, formed in 1981

Varukers - Hardcore Punk band formed in 1979

- The VectorsPunk rock band from Umea, Sweden

The Vibrators - Punk Rock Band that formed in 1976, London, England

Vice Squad - Punk band formed in 1978 in Bristol, England

- Vicious RumoursPunk and Oi! band Formed back in 1979

War Of Destruction - Hardcore punk band that was formed in summer 1981 in Arhus

Worm - Punk band formed in 1992. The line up was Danny, Mark, Rob and Brian

XTC - New Waveband from Swindon, England formed in 1977

X-Ray Spex - Punk Band from London that formed in 1976

Zero Point - Punk Rock Band formed in 1979 and is one of Denmarks oldest and longest running Punk-Rock bands

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